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oraganicsupermarket Celebrex No Rx, Interesting, I was just checking CSS vault for their update on the CSS galleries. Celebrex forum, I saw this  Organic Food supermarket, it caught my attention due to it's richness in terms of layout and color, order Celebrex from mexican pharmacy. Celebrex results, What I find intersting is that their navigation and headings are replaced with images right after the page is loaded.

After just sniffing through codes to find out how they did it, Celebrex reviews. No prescription Celebrex online, This is the site I came across.  "Facelift image replacement" A nifty script that turns your fonts into display types as image format.

So far I am not quite sure how reliable of this script is although you actually pay for "premium" service for $1 a month, Celebrex No Rx.

I can see they have came out with FIR wordpress plugin for this script, Celebrex images. Celebrex from mexico, So has anyone wondered about the SEO for this script. I haven't found any documentation or anything states on the website indicating if Google will crawl those text that had been replaced with images, Celebrex photos. Online buying Celebrex, newourfavesAnother images replace technique that has been implemented in our new ourfaves.com website is sIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement). Celebrex No Rx, What sIFR does is to replace the text with Swf that has been created dynamically. It overlays on top of the original text and the text can be selected and copied, buy no prescription Celebrex online. Where can i find Celebrex online, And if the user doesn't have flash player installed. The text just simply won't get replaced, Celebrex alternatives. Celebrex pictures, Sometimes I wonder if I should use those script to enhance the look of my design. Sometimes I also wonder if adding those script will increase the load time for the users?  Sure, it makes the site look so much nicer, but do I really want to sacrifice the response time, Celebrex No Rx. Another great post that I read the other day is Speed in Software design, australia, uk, us, usa. Celebrex gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, It mentioned how we should cut down response time and eliminate steps.  It emphasize that we should "Design for responsiveness!"

I typically kept my design flexible and easy to update without going through so much trouble. That's why I kept everything system fonts and scalable backgrounds.

And please keep in mind, those image replacements are only good for short and large display fonts. It's always better to keep the body fonts to either Verdana (if it's under 11pixel in size) or Arial, Helvetica (if it's over 12 pixel in size), just for the sake of legibility.

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  • Hi Patty. I was the developer on The Organic Supermarket. Just to clarify that yes, the FLIR script is SEO-friendly. The specified text is replaced by images on the client side and all Google sees is the raw markup, so Google ingests only the meaningful text. It’s a pretty decent script although it’s definitely not perfect. It can sometimes choke on overly styled text, padding and margins are sometimes erratic depending on the length of the string and there *can* be some conflict issues if you’re using it in conjunction with other JQuery plugins (I’ve opted not to use it with JQuery on the site for this very reason). The biggest drawback is obviously the page load delay before the image replacement happens. This is a partcular problem for the Organic Supermarket site as it’s quite image-heavy/media rich.

    As I say, it’s not perfect but it’s served me really well on a few other sites that I’ve developed since. Worth a look at for suitability on a project-by-project basis anyway!

  • Oh, this is definately helpful. Cuz I was looking into heading options, and I’ll definately keep in mind for this script. Thanks Ken!

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